Our Mission

As NATRLists, we truly believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and still having a good time socialising with friends. For a long time we dreamt of a drink that was tasty, light and refreshing and less likely to leave you with a hangover. When NATRL founders, Nick, Nick and Matt, discovered the already popular concept of hard seltzer in Canada, they couldn’t wait to create a new and improved version in the UK.

With pure Welsh water at the core of our hard seltzer drinks, we want to have as little environmental impact as possible. We use real fruit and don't add any chemicals, so there's no second guessing the contents. And, all our boxes and cans are infinitely recyclable.

What is hard seltzer? Alcoholic sparkling water in the UK

NATRL Ambassadors

We’ve teamed up with GB Olympian snowboarder Aimee Fuller, and ultramarathon runner Nick Butter, who has run a marathon in every country in the world! Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Aimee and Nick are the perfect NATRL ambassadors as they both love to be out and about, as well as spending quality time with friends and family.

Alcoholic sparkling water ambassador

 Aimee Fuller drinking NATRL hard seltzer

Both these awesome athletes share our ethos of a balanced, sporty lifestyle as well as sharing a profound love for the environment, and helping protect it however they can. We look forward to organising fun activity days and beach clean-ups with them over the coming months. 

NATRL hard seltzer ambassadors

 NATRL hard seltzer join up with Nick Butter  

Working with Plastic Oceans

We’re proud to pledge 5% of our profits to Plastic Oceans. Water is at the heart of our drink and this fantastic charity has done so much good already...

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year, which causes serious harm to our marine ecosystems. We depend on the ocean for our survival. Through research, education and clean up initiatives, Plastic Oceans aim to stop plastic reaching the ocean within a generation.