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We're thirsty for change

On our Canadian travels in 2019, we – Matt and the two Nicks – chanced upon a fantastic bar in Toronto. Here we discovered a refreshing low calorie alcoholic drink that really hit the spot after a long, busy day.

The barman had recommended a hard seltzer, which was already popular in Canada. We could see why, it opened our eyes – and mouths – to a new way of drinking. Our friends and Brits across the country would snap it up, we thought: a low sugar and low calorie alcoholic drink you actually feel good about drinking. 

Three friends had gone into a bar craving a drink, and left with a different kind of thirst: we wanted to shake up the UK alcohol industry with a refreshingly positive drink.

NATRL grew, well, naturally from there...

Hard seltzer UK: NATRL Drinks


As a couple of health-conscious twenty somethings, the idea behind NATRL is to create a deliciously light, flavourful and natural drink. Often tinnies are filled with nasties like additives, preservatives and flavourings, which leaves you feeling as though you've gobbled a whole pack of sweets. This is where NATRL is different.

Our NATRL hard seltzers follow a simple recipe of filtered clear alcohol made from sugar beet (comes from the beetroot family), pure sparkling water and fruit flavouring from real fruit. 

We don’t modify any of the flavours, they are exactly how they are meant to be, which is why we believe our NATRL drinks are so refreshingly positive. And, all our ingredients are locally sourced in the UK.

Alcoholic sparkling water NATRL

Refreshingly positive for you, refreshingly positive for our planet

  • For every can of NATRL you buy, we’ll give 5% of our profits to causes that help the planet, like ocean clean-ups and reforestation programmes
  • If it can’t be recycled, we cut it out of our supply chain wherever we can: Please help by popping your empty NATRL can in a green bin
  • From our founders to our delivery drivers, everyone in our team does their bit to leave the world a better, greener place
Alcoholic sparkling water in the UK NATRL Drinks