What is Hard Seltzer? Alcoholic sparkling water hits the UK

If you haven’t heard of hard seltzer, you might think it sounds a bit lethal...

Imagine your favourite flavour of San Pelli – ours is lemon, obviously – but with booze! Now why didn’t you think of that sooner? The experimental cocktail connoisseurs among you may have already spiked the already-popular fizzy water and been quite the maestro at the party. Naturally, a wedge of lime would’ve been the perfect finish.

Referred to by Americans as hard seltzer, us Brits will probably find a less laboratorial, more affectionate nickname for it like tipsy sparkling water, aqua spritz, or our favourite – admittedly we’re a little biased – the NATRL choice. What if we told you it was alcohol, but not as you know it, way better. Low in calories, less likely to give you a hangover, affordable and really tasty...

Boozy water in the UK

So, what is hard seltzer?

The breakdown is simple: filtered alcohol from sugar cane or sugar beet and sparkling water with a hint of natural flavouring.

At around 4%, hard seltzers have the same alcohol content as a beer. The fermented sugar cane or sugar beet creates a neutral and clear alcohol with a naturally sweet taste, so there’s no need for sweeteners or added sugar. Creating this delicious low-cal and low sugar flavoured alcoholic drink.

Our first flavours that were concocted in the NATRL HQ are a classic lemon and lime citrusy cocktail that will happily replace your gin and tonic tinnie. And, a peach and raspberry fruity twist that has a fraction of the calories found in a fruity cider. Not too strong, not too weak – they are a refreshing and ready to drink choice, with only 75 calories.

Hard seltzer lands in the UK

Hard seltzer arrives in the UK 

Will I like hard seltzer drinks?

Already proving a huge hit with our friends across the pond, this low sugar, low-calorie alcoholic water drink is perfect for the calorie-conscious, sport enthusiasts and wimpy hangover haters. Conscious not to waste the benefits of your morning workout, why not reach for a hard seltzer commandeering the shelf next to your once trusty G&T tinnie or craft beer?

We know we feel sluggish when we drink copious beers, wine and bubbles give us a stinking hangover, while gin and tonic has a host of hidden calories... cue hard seltzer. Conscious drinkers may reach for a glass of fizz or a slimline tonic with low or no alcohol gin, but hard seltzers actually have less sugar and sweeteners than both of them.

Those with busy work and social calendars will welcome a few drinks with friends, but still want to feel fresh in the morning, whether it's a big day at work, a gym class or a week of back-to-back plans. Both vegan and gluten free, this drink bridges the gap for those trying to stick to their diets – no more awkward choices between gluten-heavy beers or non-vegan wines – hard seltzers can be enjoyed by all. An added benefit is that all the cans are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

"NATRL are the drinks we didn’t even know we needed until that very first sip. They tick all the boxes – they taste delicious, are better for our bodies and better for the environment. One thing is for sure, they are the must-have drink this summer." Natasha, Seen in the City.

Making alcohol sustainably

Let’s compare hard seltzer to beers, wines and other tinnies...

Have you ever wondered why that lovely bottle of wine last night left you with such a sore head? This is often due to the preservatives (also known as sulphites) that maintain the wine’s freshness. Combined with dehydration, this can often leave you feeling worse for wear, even if you insist you only had one or two.

If you wish to avoid wine hangovers, you’ll be glad to hear that our hard seltzers are fruity and fresh, and we don’t use any preservatives in our drinks. There are no hidden sweeteners – unlike other alcoholic drinks – as the sweet taste naturally occurs in the filtered sugar cane or sugar beet alcohol. Think Kopparberg, but without the overwhelming aftertaste that is comparable to eating a whole pack of Rowntree’s fruit pastilles, or 80% of the sugar content!

On average, you’d pay about £5 for a pint in a London pub, while a preferred glass of wine can easily surpass £10. Picking up some tinnies to head to the park or a friend’s house is a more economical option, but when taste is still crucial, will you reach for the supermarket's own brand? At around the £2.50 mark, hard seltzers are reasonably priced for the same alcohol content as a beer or cocktail in a can. And, with the lowest amount of sugar and natural tasting flavours, it's definitely a guilt-free option.

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Refreshing alcoholic sparkling water

Best served...

These low calorie alcoholic drinks are the perfect summer drink for an afternoon or evening with friends. Whether you’re at home or in the park, they are best served chilled, with ice or without. Swap your sugary Pimms or G&T for a hard seltzer, and you can savour the flavour of a cocktail, without the monstrous sugar content or headaches the following day!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you a can and hear the satisfying ‘tssh of it opening, the effervescence of the bubbles as you taste the refreshing, boozy water, and for only £2.20! Buy NATRL hard seltzer online.