NATRL partners with Plastic Oceans charity

With water and sustainability at the core of our alcoholic sparkling water drinks, it made sense for us to support Plastic OceansThrough working alongside this fantastic charity we want to help raise awareness of the damage that plastic has on the environment and the ocean.

We pledge to donate 5% of profits to support the charity’s expansion of education, science and sustainability programmes to change the attitudes and behaviours of more people towards plastic. As a key partner, we will be actively involved in helping Plastic Oceans spread its message, with all team members committed to volunteering on projects and clean up initiatives. All our NATRL cans and boxes are recyclable, and team NATRL does their best to leave the world a cleaner, greener place.

We are truly excited to work with Plastic Oceans. Water is a key ingredient in our drinks and as a company we are committed to raising awareness of the damage that plastic has on our oceans. We want our customers to enjoy our drinks knowing that they are helping to protect the planet for current and future generations” says Jamie Graham, of NATRL. 

Striving to be a sustainable product

Established in 2009, Plastic Oceans UK was the first NGO focussed on the issue of plastic pollution. Their current mission is to stop plastic pollution reaching the ocean within a generation. They inspire people to make real-life positive changes within their communities to prevent ocean plastic pollution. 

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year, which causes serious harm to our marine ecosystems. We depend on the ocean for our survival. Through research, education and clean-up initiatives, Plastic Oceans aim to stop plastic reaching the ocean within a generation. In Plastic Ocean’s film Our Ocean, Sir David Attenborough explains the issue we face, “the ocean is our life support system, if that system becomes dysfunctional, then all living things on this planet will suffer.”

Tamzin Kerslake from Plastic Oceans said, “Plastic Oceans UK work with businesses who are striving towards positive change within both their corporate lives, and their personal lives too. We were incredibly impressed with NATRL’s determination to make a sustainable product that cuts out any pointless plastic from all aspects of their business: employees, supply chain, products, and services. Their attitude to creating a positive impact in the environment reflects our own attitude to create waves of change. We are very excited to see where our partnership leads.

We are all really looking forward to getting involved with projects and spreading the important message of plastic pollution. Find out more information about Plastic Oceans’ great work on their website here.