The low calorie alcoholic drink that won’t ruin your diet

There’s a low sugar, low calorie alcoholic drink on the block, have you heard?

The trend of boozy water has been a raging success over the pond in both America and Canada. In the summer, low calorie hard seltzers fly off the shelf nearly as quickly as loo roll and hand sanitiser during coronavirus. 

Sensitive to gluten? Want a vegan bev? Sticking to a low sugar diet? Well then, you’re in luck. Hard seltzer is a low calorie alcoholic drink that will squeeze itself into the strictest diet plans. Dubbed a guilt-free low calorie alcoholic drink, you will have definitely earned yourself a refreshing, fruity sparkling water spiked with booze.

Can booze be included in a diet?

The age old question: does being on a diet mean you have to scrap all boozing and sugar? We’re not claiming to be medical professionals, but it really does depend if you have an all or nothing, or an everything in moderation approach. 

The most sustainable approach would of course be moderation and allowing yourself a treat every once in a while. This would stretch to a can of hard seltzer or two, as your diet shouldn’t completely control your life. If you feel as though you’ve worked out hard, why shouldn’t you have a reward?

Of course, we wouldn’t encourage copious cans as both the sugar and calorie content will mount up. Plus, binge drinking doesn’t leave you feeling fresh in the morning and may lead to carb cravings, resulting in an unproductive diet day. 

Always drink responsibly and know your limits.

Hard seltzer UK
Treat yourself to a hard seltzer 

Which diets are hard seltzers suitable for?

At NATRL HQ our hard seltzers – or boozy water – are made from three simple ingredients. Firstly we have sparkling water, followed by a natural fruit flavouring, and then we add our booze. The clear, neutral alcohol is made from fermented sugar beet, which is similar to sugar cane. This means that the sugar beet alcohol is naturally sweet, and we don’t need to add any extra sugar or sweeteners like aspartame.

We have created two distinct flavours that are both low carb, low in sugar and come in at 75 calories! Choose between a citrusy lemon and lime, or a fruity peach and raspberry that are just the right amount of fizz, flavour and fruit without being too overpowering.

In turn, this makes our drinks suitable for those following a number of diets. Whether you’re following a low carb, high fat Keto diet, you’re a vegan, either allergic or sensitive to gluten or just trying to follow a low sugar diet, our hard seltzers are just the answer. 

“More often than not, my friends have varying diets. I love how we can all sit around a table together and drink NATRL hard seltzers, even if we have a couple of vegans and coeliacs.” Chloe, NATRL client

Friends enjoying hard seltzer in the UK sun
Friends enjoying hard seltzers in the sun

Let’s compare hard seltzers...

With just 75 calories, hard seltzers come first place for alcoholic drinks with the lowest calories. This is due to its low sugar content and natural flavours as well as its sparkling water base. And at 4% alcohol, we have an average alcohol content that is similar to a beer, a can of vodka lime and soda or a G&T. 

We’re delighted that we don’t need to add any nasty additives or preservatives, so our NATRL drinks contain no headache-causing sulphates and absolutely no artificial sweeteners.

Beers can often be double the calories of a hard seltzer, while wines and G&Ts can be as much as three times higher. Taking this into consideration, three drinks at three times the amount of calories does mean that the numbers can mount up quite quickly.

While hard seltzers may not have the antioxidants found in a glass of red wine or the iron content in a Guinness, it is the best option on the market for a low calorie alcoholic drink. On average, a shot of gin or vodka is around 85 to 100 calories – so with a can of hard seltzer you’ve even got calories to spare!

Hard seltzer: the low calorie alcohol drink
Hard seltzer: the low calorie alcohol drink

Where can I get hard seltzer?

Well, for starters you can buy our hard seltzers online, order our delicious flavours and we’ll pop them in the post, first class.