Bored with the Ginaissance? Meet alcoholic sparkling water

Gin & Tonic, gin & slimline, gin & juice… so predictable, so calorific, so last year. 

We’ve all been sucked into the ginfluence, and frankly it was great. However, we soon realised the summer bod wasn’t as slimline as we wanted, and having another drink wasn't the perfect tonic. And, there’s just no way we’re sacrificing our social lives for extra gym classes or a quiet night in to avoid the tempation of a few bevvies.  

What was once a summer drink, replacing the ounces of sugar from Britian’s beloved fruity jug of Pimms, gin became that kid that fit in everywhere, a real all rounder. We’d order a G&T in a sunny pub garden, we’d slurp it at craft gin festivals, we’d even gasped for one by an open log fire at Christmas time. 

Hard seltzer comes to the UK

Hard seltzer comes to the UK 

We’re all getting more conscious about our health and fitness, whether it’s for the dream holiday, pushing ourselves towards a new fitness goal or just feeling as fresh as humanly possible. Gin and slimline just ain’t cutting it anymore. We welcome the disruptive new kid, bound to shake things up. Hailed from over the pond and already basking in its popularity, is hard seltzer.

Not feeling ballsy enough to order a tap water at the pub? Don’t want to be stone cold sober as your mates get tipsy? Nor do you fancy a stinking hangover? Ahh ha. Hard seltzer – boozy water, spiked seltzer or alcoholic sparkling water – and it’s simple low-calorie recipe is just the solution. 

Made with fermented sugar cane or sugar beet alcohol, sparkling water and a citrus or fruity flavour, it brings the bubbles to our after-work drinks. With a 4% booze content, a surprisingly low calorie content - NATRL’s are just 75 calories - and absolutely no nasty additives or preservatives, it ticks all our healthy drinking boxes. Plus, you don’t need to worry about having enough tonic or the right flavour Fever-Tree as NATRL is ready to drink in a recyclable can. 

UK hard seltzer brand NATRL is gluten free and vegan

A low calorie alcoholic drink with a citrusy twist  

Low calorie alcohol will revolutionize the way we work out and catch up with friends. Reach for a guilt-free choice in the evening without the beer fear the next morning. Your girl and guy group can all have a good old knees up with our vegan and gluten free alcoholic sparkling water as hard seltzer fits into a variety of diet plans. 

You can even try your hand at making our cocktails that are super tasty and easy to make. One way to impress your pals with minimal effort, we think. 

For those willing to deviate from the over-saturated gin market, you will find a variety of naturally sweet drinks without the nasty additives or heavy calories. Bubbles for a celebration, fizz for a guilt-tree treat and refreshment after a day of working hard, hard seltzer has you covered. 

Buy alcohol online at NATRL

Treat yourself to a refreshing hard seltzer 


NATRL founders, the Nicks and Matt, are a sporty and social trio that were delighted when they discovered an already popular hard seltzer trend in Canada. Concocting two fresh and fizzy spiked water's, their zingy lime and lemon and their fruity peach and raspberry flavours are available to buy online here.

To stay in touch with us, you can follow us on Instagram where we will reveal all our exciting news. Please do share your hard seltzer drinking pictures with us, and keep your eyes peeled as we announce give-aways, our appearance in bars near you, and supermarkets up and down the country.